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Product Development

During my tenure at Blue Zoo Animation, I've been deeply involved in the ideation and execution of numerous significant products. I played an instrumental role in the development of the 1-10 and 11-20 Numberblocks Mathlink Cubes, products that have since become synonymous with early mathematical learning.  I also ventured into the world of apparel, overseeing a diverse range of Numberblocks merchandise, including t-shirts, pyjamas, and caps. Beyond individual product design, I took the lead in managing the creation of comprehensive style guides for both Numberblocks and Alphablocks. These guides, both core and seasonal, served as invaluable resources for our licensees to use in further product creation. My oversight extended to publications as well, ensuring the quality and brand alignment of the Numberblocks magazine, annuals, and the Numberblocks and Alphablocks sticker and Lift the Flap books. It's been a rewarding experience to not only supervise these processes but also to immerse myself in hands-on product creation, with over 20 distinct t-shirt designs to my credit.

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